The Saratoga Springs Skatepark – History

Built in 1989, The East Side Recreation (Rec) skatepark is the second oldest in New York state. It shows its age and stands as a testament to a time when skating was not accepted by the mainstream. In conjunction with Jah Skate Shop, which was located at 8 Caroline street from 1988 until 1993, the skatepark used to host many demos, spawned a few professional skaters and even gave rise to the cultural underground’s most notorious skate crew –The Silly Pink Bunnies – founded by acclaimed artist and Saratoga native Jeremy Fish. In the mid-90’s the skatepark was an official stop for Vans Warped Tour skate contest qualifications, and during that time hosted a grip of visiting pros and teams. There are now many more skateparks in existence, most of which are newer and more modern than Saratoga’s; Yet the East Side Rec is continually put it to good use. It holds great memories for the hoards of skateboarders from all around the country who have visited it in its 25 years of existence.


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